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System 6+ Roulette

Roulette has always been one of the most popular casino games. Most all casinos have one wheel operational at any given time and many have two, three, or more. Next to blackjack, I think it has the most dedicated following of any casino game despite the comparatively high house edge. For some reason, people love to play this game. Perhaps it is because of the high payouts of 35 to 1 which are awarded when a number is hit straight up. Or perhaps it is because of the wide variety of bets offered all on one layout. Whatever the reason, the game is a passion of many.

Despite its popularity, as I alluded to previously, roulette is a very difficult game to beat. That is especially true of the American version where the wheel contains two zeros giving the house a whopping 5.26% edge. The single zero wheel is a little more reasonable but the house edge is still double that of blackjack, craps, and baccarat. It is very difficult to buck such high house odds and still consistently come out on top. And up until now, very few have succeeded. I am told that the inventor of the game eventually committed suicide because he couldn't find a way to beat it. I don't know if that is true, but it does make the point.

Many people are selling systems on the Internet and through direct mail which they claim will beat this game. I have seen several dozen roulette systems over the last 20 years. I even spent $1200 for one and $1000 for another. But out of all of them Iíve only seen a couple that I felt had the potential to be long term winners. But I wasn't happy with any of them, in fact most were ridiculous and had no chance of winning. So, failing initial success at finding a good winning roulette system and since I had basically become a craps player, I pretty much concentrated my efforts and practice and research in that area and put roulette on a back burner. In my own reasoning I couldn't see continuing to invest a lot of time and money and research into a game with such a high house edge when I was already experiencing success with craps.

But several months ago I began to receive a lot of questions about roulette. And a multitude of readers asked for information about various roulette systems. They also asked if I had a winning system for roulette. At the time I had to honestly tell them that I really didn't know of a good system for roulette that I could recommend as being a long term winner. But because of being constantly bombarded with requests for a winning roulette system, I decided to once again devote some time and effort toward solving the riddle of roulette.

As I said, I am a craps player and it took me a long time to become successful at the game. But the key I found to winning at craps was the properties and tendencies of random numbers. I also knew that the same basic principles that applied to craps applied to roulette. In fact, in craps you are dealing with 36 combinations on the dice and in roulette you are dealing with 36 numbers on the wheel plus a zero or two. So I began working toward applying what I knew about craps to roulette. It took several months, countless trial sessions and tests involving thousands of live spins, but I now have what I believe to be one of the finest, if not the finest roulette system available.

I call it "System 6+ Roulette", and when you see it you will understand why. The system is fairly simple and easy to understand and apply. Yet, it is capable of producing very nice profits. There are several different approaches presented. It gives you the tools you need to exploit almost any wheel you encounter and extract a profit. The methods employed in System 6+ provide a good balance between profit potential as opposed to risk. An experienced System 6+ player should win 80% of his/her sessions or more and most of those sessions should result in wins of 20 to 30 units, perhaps even more.

Lifetime bankroll requirements should be about 150 units. So, you see, you don't need a lot of money to play it. As with my craps system, recovery from a loss should be about one to one. This is very rare in gambling systems and means a great deal to your bottom line. With most systems, if you lose it usually takes two, three, or even more sessions to recover those losses. In fact with some systems you put your whole bankroll at risk every time you sit down to the table. With System 6+, you only risk 30 units of your total bankroll during any one session. If you lose, you can usually recover your losses in one session. So, that alone makes this system somewhat unique and adds to its long term success.

The bottom line is that if you want to start winning consistently at roulette, if you want to beat this game long term, I am about 99% sure that System 6+ or at least something very similar is the only way to do it. Believe me, I've looked at this game from every angle and have tested all kinds of so-called professional systems as well as silly little systems that are being sold that have no chance of working. And to this date, I've found nothing better and I only know of one other roulette system that might be a long term winner. So, if you want to beat this game, your choices are limited; but I believe that System 6+ Roulette is a tool you can use to accomplish that goal.



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